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Hong Kong Toy Summer - Part 1

Hong Kong is a mecca for toy fans and part of the reason for that distinction is the abundance of shops and events that one can attend or visit in the city.  The summer of 2017 was proof to this with virtually some kind of toy event occurring near weekly for the entire season.  Here we present the first installment of the highlight of the summer and the event we had the pleasure of attending in Hong Kong.

The first event was the De Kleuren Monsters Kasing Lung exhibition at the lovely Gallery by the Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui.  There was a lot of original artwork by Lung along with a representation of his toys (produced by How2work).  We even tried our hand at the lotteries for items a few times but came away empty handed each time.

The next stop was the Hong Kong Combo event at T-8.  Featuring works by Eric So, Ryanleefitness, Jim Dream and Alieneyeland, these artists all put their spin on some iconic fast food characters.  The event also saw the sale of one character by each of the brands, along with some mouth-watering props.

As the Hong Kong toy scene continues to grow and evolve the past several months has witnessed many new brands burst onto the scene.  The NU(DEsigner) exhibition was put together to showcase just that, an event to present the latest and greatest in Hong Kong toys and artists.  There was plenty to see and plenty to buy as brands like Planet X Asia, Don't Cry In The Morning, Toy Zero Plus, Piece of Art Toys, Blackseed Toys, Kaiju One, Mechanoiz Toys, Heroboot and more filled up The Hub in Wan Chai.  Plus there was wine too!!