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Top Ten Toys 2017

Another year of toys has come to an end, and 2017 was an intense one with releases, new brands and events happening at a rapid pace.  Once again we have tried to sift through the mountain of quality toys and highlight the 10 that we thought were the best of 2017.  We try to stick to new releases over the year, so please enjoy our unbiased, biased view of the designer toys of 2017.


10. Unbox Industries x Taku Obata Sofb Boy

Taking a wooden carving inspired by B-Boys and their culture and reproducing it as a vinyl toy was an amazing move by the guys at Unbox.  This figure was something different for 2017 combining an unusual shape with brilliant hand finishing to create an extremely desirable piece and our first entry on the 2017 list.

9. Goccodo Kiaidaddy

Hitting us with a dash of nostalgia combined with some impressive Japanese soft vinyl engineering, Goccodo debuted the Kiaidaddy at DCon 2017 in November.  That mix of Optimus Prime with classic Japanese elements had us drooling and we cannot wait to see some painted releases in the future.

8. Medicom Toy x Fragment Design Poly Wood Bearbrick

We always need to put a Be@rbrick on our list it seems and this year is no exception.  The difference is we have gone for a wooden version of the 400% size, skillfully updated by Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design, putting a polygon spin on that classic bear shape.  The result is spectacular and the only problem is we hope we can afford one some day.

7. 16M Design Popsicle Mon

A sleeper hit that really caught on later in 2017 and witnessed a crazy amount of colourways.  This simple yet adorable foodstuff captivated our attention as it began selling huge numbers in Asia and we even were able to design our own version for release at DCon.  Making us think of warm summer days gone past, this fun soft vinyl toy melted our hearts this year.

6. 2PetalRose Kid Katana

Liam from 2PetalRose continues to deliver his unique Japanese inspired style along with impeccable attention to detail on his first smaller scale series.  It was no surprise the two versions sold out extremely fast and we have grown very fond of these adorable assassins.

5. Planet X Asia Death Goliathon

Planet X Asia continued on where they left off in 2016 with a constant assault of amazing figures and releases that caused lottery fever on every occasion.  The two-headed Death Goliathon was our favourite figure with the amazingly flowing fur, angry stance and both those heads showing a menacing look.  In both painted and unpainted form this beast was a winner in our books.

4. Kaiju One Super Sun Sun

Kaiju One burst onto the toy scene in 2017 and that was fueled by this impressive debut release.  Showing superb details and a variety of accessories, along with some wonderful packaging the Super Sun Sun has to be a highlight of 2017 and the fast sellouts would mean we are not alone on that thought.

3. OKluna Jobi The Moon Fox

Although appearing in late 2016 we think OKluna's Jobi the Moon Fox was one of the biggest hits of the years.  Coming in a variety of beautiful colourways and with a number of fashion accessories this figure caused hysteria and sellouts in minutes at every event they attended.  This adorable fox has opened up the world of cute classmates and friends along with keeping cute toys in the fight against all those monsters.

2. Hinatique Morris

Speaking of cute, when we first saw Morris (the Cat with Antlers) appear in Medicom's VAG gacha series we knew this amazing character was going to be a big hit.  Now with a few soft vinyl releases happening at events we are caught up in Morris fever and think it will be a huge toy in 2018.  We just hope we can actually get our hands on some!

1. Blackseed Toys Yu Shou Long

2017 witnessed the evolution of Blackseed Kenneth Tang from an amazing painter to an amazing toy designer.  With his Yu Shou Long piece we think he was successful in creating something very different in the current scene.  The blend of monsters, legends and modular architecture incorporates so many characteristics of what we love about designer toys and we think this piece deserves a spot in everyone's collection.  The newly released mini version is also a bonus making this crazy piece into a small and cute compliment to the original.