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Hong Kong Toy Summer - Part 2

The summer events continued with the Rampage Day pop-up shop put on by the amazing guys at Vintage & Vinyl Club (VVC).  Jon Rampage sent over a crazy amount of toys and there were even some locally done customs, for those who braved the heat to add to their collections.

Animation Comic Game Hong Kong (ACGHK 2017) was the next event on the schedule, a larger more mainstream event with representation from prominent brands like Lego, Hot Toys, Microsoft and Sony.  There was a subsection dedicated to art toys which offered a look at some of the new designers and their work as the indie toy scene is exposed to the masses of Hong Kong.

Soft Vinyl Festival (SVF) has quickly become a very important event on the Hong Kong toy collector's calendar.  Put on by Andy and his team at Angel Abby there is a crazy assortment of sofubi toys all in one place, spread over two very busy days.  There are also many designers / artists in attendance for meet and greets, plus some rare items in the lottery component of the event.  We were lucky enough to have a VIP ticket and do well in the draw orders and thus bought a lot of items for the Ko-Re Ko-Re family.

Hong Kong Toy Summer - Part 1

Hong Kong is a mecca for toy fans and part of the reason for that distinction is the abundance of shops and events that one can attend or visit in the city.  The summer of 2017 was proof to this with virtually some kind of toy event occurring near weekly for the entire season.  Here we present the first installment of the highlight of the summer and the event we had the pleasure of attending in Hong Kong.

The first event was the De Kleuren Monsters Kasing Lung exhibition at the lovely Gallery by the Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui.  There was a lot of original artwork by Lung along with a representation of his toys (produced by How2work).  We even tried our hand at the lotteries for items a few times but came away empty handed each time.

The next stop was the Hong Kong Combo event at T-8.  Featuring works by Eric So, Ryanleefitness, Jim Dream and Alieneyeland, these artists all put their spin on some iconic fast food characters.  The event also saw the sale of one character by each of the brands, along with some mouth-watering props.

As the Hong Kong toy scene continues to grow and evolve the past several months has witnessed many new brands burst onto the scene.  The NU(DEsigner) exhibition was put together to showcase just that, an event to present the latest and greatest in Hong Kong toys and artists.  There was plenty to see and plenty to buy as brands like Planet X Asia, Don't Cry In The Morning, Toy Zero Plus, Piece of Art Toys, Blackseed Toys, Kaiju One, Mechanoiz Toys, Heroboot and more filled up The Hub in Wan Chai.  Plus there was wine too!!

Top Ten Toys 2016

As the year is drawing to a close we thought we would share our thoughts on the top toys of 2016.  This list is put together from what we think were the hottest and most interesting products to hit the scene in 2016 and we tried to stick with items that were new releases over the year.

10. Planet X Asia Twin Clops

Keeping the trend of two heads are better than one along with a huge dash of nostalgia plus a strong initial release of amazing paint jobs brought to us by Vintage & Vinyl Club we thought this was an amazing debut figure.  Honourable mention to the Ettin and Mecha Goliathon releases as well, confirming Plant X Asia as one to watch in 2017.

9. Nag Nag Nag 400% Be@rbrick

As big Be@rbrick fans we had to slip one on the list despite it not being a new figure, but the Nag Nag Nag release showed us more of the hydrographics Medicom has been using lately, with some extra eyes and the box art is mind blowing as well.

8. Mechatro We-Go

This fun child transporting robot is available in different scales and formats and has also become a great base for customization.  Through special additions and the amazing detail of the figure we think this is a special platform and we dare you not to fall in love with the 1/12th scale version in aqua.

7. James Groman x Instinct Toy King Korpse

A large scale figure with complex detail and parts that looks menacing in painted form and equally as impressive in the unpainted mixed part version and we cannot wait to see where they take this rotting giant next.

6. Paul Kaiju Chimera

Paul always impresses with his sculpting and detail, not to mention his paint and we love this two headed, four legged, six titted beast with the snake tail and really hope we can get our hands on a few for the future too!

5. PLT x Unbox Industries Blood Majin

This gnarly figure might turn some off, but the sculpt, the ability to pull off a wig and the versatility we are witnessing with different heads (Ultra Bastard and Atomic Alien) has us getting warm and fuzzy about this soft vinyl bad boy.

4. Awesome Toy Bigfoot

As soon as we opened the box of our ToyCon UK 2016 exclusive unpainted red Bigfoots we were hooked.  The detailed fur and impressive scale of this figure have us craving more and we are fans of the painted and unpainted versions of this elusive creature.

3. Choke Hazrd Noxious

A British designed, Japanese produced monster with one eye and a big tongue that is both grotesque and cute at the same time, what more could you ask for in your sofubi.  Plus we have been delighted to work with Luke on an exclusive version of this figure releasing in early 2017.

2. Shoko Nakazawa x T9G Rangeron

A somewhat sequel or perhaps a prequel to the wildly popular Byron (our top toy of 2015) with more horns, spikes and a little more detail but no reduction in charm.  Our only hiccup with this guy is we wish we could get our hands on more of them!

1. Mame Moyashi Maguro Senpai

Since this self-mutilating fish popped up on our radar this year, we don't think there has been anything hotter and with a few versions having now been released we love this guy even more.  With the perfect blend of humor and realism we look forward to seeing more variants and customs, plus the other members of the Mame Moyashi group still to come.

Toy Soul 2016

As half of the Ko-Re Ko-Re team is settling into life in Hong Kong, we managed to get out and visit the Toy Soul 2016 show, this past weekend in Kowloon.  The event was a mixture of larger toy brands / shops and some smaller indie toy producers from around Asia.  There were some hot exclusives and new items on sale that went fast, so purchases were limited.  

We would like to say thanks to everyone that gave us some of their time and is making Ko-Re Ko-Re feel very welcome here in Hong Kong as we continue to get out to events and shops.

Ko-Re Ko-Re Visits Hong Kong


After the success of ToyCon UK 2016 the Ko-Re Ko-Re team has been working to expand our offerings and product lines and so when a chance to visit Hong Kong in late April came up we jumped at the chance to get over there and explore the toy scene and touch base with existing and new connections.  During our visit we got to explore toy hot spots such as Sino Centre, In's Point, CTMA Centre and Oriental 188, along with meeting up with the wonderful people at Awesome Toy and Unbox Industries.

Please enjoy some of our highlights of the trip through the eyes of the Loch Ness Monster